Why Don't You Use Mind Mapping Software As A Memory Tool?

You can use mind mapping as a technique for organizing your daily life. A map can become a visual list. Instead of trying to remember all the things that you are supposed to do in a day, a week or a month, map it into a colourful format. Print it out or keep it on your computer.

This mind mapping software can be a wonderful adjunct for family chores as well. Giving each member of the family their mindmap can easily replace a chart and become something children can easily refer to.


In its simplest form, it can even teach kids to spell, especially if you have them come up with their maps for the day or week.

How To Create Mind Maps?

To create mind maps you need several things to create a map.

Mind mapping ingredients:

* Centre your idea

* Offshoot branches - how they relate to the main idea or concept

* Drille down specifically - how they relate to the offshoot branches

You can make them as simple or as complicated as you wish. The drilled down specifics can be one additional item or 15 additional items.


Free Programs and Mind Mapping Software

Here are just a few mind map software programs available online - all with free versions and some with pro versions too.


I’ve personally used Mindomo, Mind42 and FreeMind and find them easily understandable and robust. Mindomo has a few more bells and whistles such as built-in numbering 1, 2, 3, start or stops signs, etc.

Look for ones that allow image insertion if that’s what you need or hyperlink insertion if you want to provide resources.


Example of Map with Mindomo

Some of the bells and whistles available in certain programs make them more appropriate for some maps.


For instance, when doing ones for someone with memory problems, adding images is just the ticket to reinforce memory tasks visually.

You could replace the image How to Create a Mindmap with another image to illustrate a concept. You could use the stoplight and green light to reinforce the importance of an item or sequencing.


Memory Tools

We all need to use memory to get us through the day. We likewise use it to get from point A to point B. What we remember is often based on how we learned it and then how we have learned to manipulate the information to work for us.


Mind mapping is a simple way to increase memory but it is also a fantastic organizational tool. The fact that it adds a visual modality is a real plus for ease of understanding.

You can use mind mapping to:

* Teach your child just about anything from math to history

* Divide workloads into manageable parts

* Teach students rote memory tasks visually

* Amplify memory techniques in dementia and Alzheimer’s

* Express yourself creatively

There is an innumerable amount of applications for them across many environments and the concepts (if presented properly) can easily be taught to someone of any age or ability.

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