The fake watch trade is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why watch manufacturers around the world experience significant losses. These counterfeit watches gain acceptance for those who consciously buy them as “replicas” or for consumers who have no idea what they are buying counterfeit watches. Fake watches are often offered in an informal setting and are rarely put up for sale by retail distributors. And now, the Internet is full of supplied with fake watches. With fake watches or “replicas” as they are known now, circulating wildly in the market, it is important to detect a fake watch to make sure you are buying a genuine watch.

Refraining from counterfeits is not that difficult if appropriate security measures are taken. At first glance, they may seem genuine, but by looking closely and at the detailed examination, you can see the difference. The elegant brands that come with high price tags are common targets of counterfeiters.

When it comes to a genuine Rolex, one notable thing that fakers cannot copy from an original identically is its weight. This is because fake watches are made of low cost and lighter materials. The smooth-running mechanism of the real clock does not produce a bearable sound. You can perform a basic test by dropping some water on the glass surface of the watch. Water will collectively collect in genuine Rolex, while the fake one wearing glasses will simply spread. For a more detailed examination, you can use a magnifying glass to see the small, but very clear Rolex crown engraved just below six that the fakers cannot duplicate perfectly. The hologram sticker you’ll find on the backs of genuine Rolex housings is also an easy way to spot a fake watch. The fakers can emulate hologram stickers, but if you look closer and see it in an illuminated position, you will notice that it is not a true hologram.


The fakes have doubled Panerais. Many of his fakes have series in the case. Therefore, if you see any serial number that matches the series in the case, you know that the clock is false. Original Panerais have rougher straps, while replicas have more embroidery stitches. Counterfeits use glass and not real glass. Better try them in the dark. The false ones are not as bright as the real one in dark areas, more noticeable in the word Luminor.

The easiest way to determine if an alleged Cartier watch is genuine or replica is to look inside the back cover. The genuine watch will have its mark printed on the movement that the fakers will not attempt to copy. Real Cartiers feature scratch-proof glass, which replicas do not have. Real watches are much heavier than fake watches. Also, check the cabochon stone located in the reel, if it is not there, you know what it is.

With the right knowledge to determine a fake watch, you can detect the difference between real watches and replicas. Of course, the best and most proven way to make sure that the watch you are buying is authentic is to buy it only from an authorized dealer.

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