The Complete Way To Apply On The Indian Visa

All the concepts of apply for the Indian visa have to need to be changed. Now people from 180 countries can apply for an Indian visa from home without a run to the visa office. Indian government really appreciate those people who want to visit their country. But the problem is there is some confusion. Even people got a rejection because of some silly problems. This web session is going to all about the India visa application. Here you will how the way to successfully complete the Indian visa application. Moreover, we will mention how you can avoid rejection.

Way to Indian visa application perfectly

The very basic thing you need the validity of your passport and the proper type of image. The image should be neat and clear, formal and 300 x 300 in size. Without both, you can not go forward for a visa. The visa processing will happen in 3 different steps. But the first step is the application form fill up. While you writing up for application form fill up, keep in mind that you need to mention the reason you want to visit. Your nationality and personal information should be mentioned.


A few cases if you have a newborn baby with you, then he needs a passport too. Babies can not visit by the passport of their parents. Put your valid email id on the application form. This is important if the Indian e-visa authority wants to contract with you in the future. If you put all the correct information on it, then you need to pay money by using any international transaction master, debit or credit card. After overall the thing perfectly it needs no more 6 days to get the approval of the visa.

Tips to avoid rejection:

  • Use the proper ratio and format of the image.
  • Make sure your passport has more than 1-year validity.
  • Check multiple times the information you give.
  • Make sure your passport has 2 or more blank pages at least.
  • For medical visa purposes, add all the documents after attached the recommend local doctor.
  • Insufficient funds and criminal history are some of the huge reasons for rejection.

Remember if your passport got any mistakes, then this is your duty to correct it from your country. But if there any unmatched thing with the information you give with the application form and the passport information you will get rejection. Even some of the case it can consider as a crime. So the important thing is to make sure whatever information you are going to put. For more queries, you can contract with the Indian visa helpline via online. They will solve all the queries you have and help you as long they can.


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