Business Advertising Through Web Directory Helps Gain New Clients

In this competitive age, businessmen are looking for different means to promote their business. They give advertisements in various modes such as in newspapers, radio, hoardings or television etc. But these means are not successful. Advertisements in newspapers are generally very short and one needs to pay for it according to many words. Information once given cannot be changed. So any error cannot be corrected without giving another advertisement. In radio also information is for a very short period. Similarly, in television advertisements, users skip advertisements and are interested in viewing programmes. So they change the channel according to their interest.

One efficient way to advertise a business is through the internet. There is still competition in the internet world also. So businessmen have to find different ways to promote their business online. Web directories are an excellent means to expand the business online. Businessmen should put their site in web directories. Web directory consists of sites which are categorized properly. It consists of links which help in the site’s ranking. During promoting gaining backlinks of their site is an important step. Internet listing backlinks is simple to find and a nice way to start your link building strategy.


Businessmen should put their website infamous web directories which have good page rank. Page rank starts from 0 to 10. Directories with page rank 9 are considered best and with ranking 5 as moderate. To get more number of users as clients businessmen should put information in the reputed web directory. Web directories are of three types, free directory, paid directory and niche directory.

Free directories are those in which businessman can put information about his business for free. But it has a drawback that the information will be displayed after some time. Usually, it can take 6 months to display information. If a businessman does not want to spend any money during expanding his business free directories are the best tool for him to use.


Paid directories are those which require some amount to be paid to display information in a web directory. It is useful if one needs the information to be displayed immediately as required. Paid directories usually have high ranks. Paid linkings usually appear at top of entries in listing types making backlinks more powerful than free web directories.

Niche web directories are those which contain information about one particular topic or data. For example, if a user clicks on category “food” it will display information about restaurants and other food shops etc from which user can buy food. Many individuals use web directories to get sites offering services they need.


There is a proper procedure to submit your site to web directories. Each web directory has its own rules for you to follow. A web directory requires your name, email, description and title of your website. Web directories are manually edited. You should not submit your site if it is under construction otherwise there are chances of your site being rejected by manual editors. You should use capital letters wherever required in description and title of your website. By following these guidelines you can get more traffic and hence more number of visitors will become your clients.

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